Much of our work is about informing and inspiring the next generation of philanthropic leadership by championing the tech, trends and talent that will ultimately be the key tools they use to effect change in their communities.

The ‘Rising Stars In Philanthropy’ column is an extension of the 14 emerging leaders we profile in our upcoming book and the way we intend to continue showcasing the future faces of leadership in the field. Individual’s highlighted in our blog will undoubtedly be the ones pulling the levers of change in a decade and moving forward many of the topics we discuss on this blog.

They are interesting and noteworthy not only because of their achievements, creativity, and credentials, but because their personal and professional experience help break down the future of philanthropy by sharing unique viewpoints and relatable visions for the future.

To nominate an individual to be featured please fill in the quick contact form below. Individuals don’t need to be specifically in organized philanthropy – we hope to cover all facets of the space from planned giving to programming, from fundraising to IT, from nonprofits to activism or those that simply have a passion for giving back. You can also self-nominate too!

Once you have filled in the form, we will then be in touch with next steps with the view of creating a dynamic profile piece that captures their/your work, professional goals and how they/you see the need, challenges and opportunities for the future of philanthropy.