Ryan Ginard‘s soon to be released book is a guide on embracing new technologies & approaches and how they can be accelerated today to catalyze the solutions of tomorrow.

Courageous leadership is needed now more than ever & Future Philanthropy provides the blueprint for our social sector to lead with conviction in new and innovative ways.

Future Philanthropy began with an interaction with a VR display at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, sparking a fascination about what the future of philanthropy might look like and how certain trends and tech, together with the development of social sector talent can tackle society’s most pressing needs.

This book hasn’t been a simple pen to paper exercise. It has been an immersive experience across all facets of philanthropy both from a professional and personal standpoint including:

  • ideation and experimentation – building and trialing prototypes for civic engagement tools, focusing on the democratizing of current giving vehicles and rebuilding civil discourse.
  • learning and listening – embarking on a year long diversity and equity journey to understand and question the root causes of race and inequity in America, engaging with my community in more unique ways and participating in a number of innovative leadership cohorts.
  • travelling and speaking out – discussing civic technology at SXSW and VR/AR donor engagement at the PRSA ICON. From a policy perspective I traveled to DC annually for Foundations on the Hill.
  • convening & writing – hosting book clubs, action orientated events and a live podcast. I also blogged about advancements and innovations in the sector that underpinned many of the ideas you will find in the book.

Why this book & why now?

Philanthropy has a rich and storied history, yet in a constantly evolving society it can seem somewhat slow and reactionary to the issues critical to our work.

The real question for me was how do we move from talking about the future in incremental time frames to one where we look at the next decade, anticipate future trends and lay the groundwork for their successful adoption.

Future Philanthropy seeks to address this question (and more) in the following ways:

  • we believe philanthropy is ripe for disruption.
  • we believe that certain elements of philanthropy need to evolve for the sector to remain impactful and in some instances, to remain relevant.
  • our society has become disproportionately structured in a way where there is no longer an opportunity for all.
  • conceptualizing what the future might hold for philanthropy to stimulate discussion and forge a more dynamic sector.
  • providing a blueprint for leaders and entrepreneurs in the field to be more creative in their approaches to raising funds and delivering real results for our community.

Future Philanthropy will be released via Wise Ink Publishing soon.

By purchasing a copy of Future Philanthropy or engaging in philanthropic futurism is a way of adding your collective voice to a movement that can help inform, equip & inspire leaders to demonstrate conviction for their values by taking risks and being bold in their actions.

It is also a rallying call for the sector to show courageous leadership in new and innovative ways, pushing back against the status quo and using everything at their disposal to create a fair, just and vibrant society for all.

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