Book Update!

So what’s this new book all about?

Philanthropy has a rich and storied history, yet in a rapidly disrupted society it can seem somewhat slow and reactionary to the critical social issues of our time. There are plenty of folks out there talking about current trends which are informative, interesting and thought provoking, yet their actions seem to be confined within the boundaries of their current strategic plans.

How might philanthropy move beyond funding as societal triage, reimagining itself through a commitment to social justice and using its corpus to seed new solutions, not reinforcing a tired status quo? 

What if we looked at what the future might look like in 10 years’ time and reverse engineered the tech, trends and talent being predicted to be indicative of a fourth industrial revolution all while trying to catch the tailwinds of a historic $68 trillion transfer of wealth?

Future Philanthropy breaks this all down and more, introducing new technologies, approaches and ideas for their application. This book has been created to become your very own blueprint for change and provide you with a new toolbox for courageous social sector leadership.

The cover looks like it has a few layers to it. Care to explain?

Care to explain it, heck, I went one step further and broke it down in a handy anatomical graphic…

When will the book finally come out?

As of the end of April, the interior design is being completed, with a couple of rounds of final proofreading due before it goes off to print. We are hoping at this stage for a release date later this Summer.

Where can I get a copy of it?

The book will be out in all major online retailers through Wise Ink Publishing. Pre-sale will ramp up shortly, but we are currently running an exclusive pre-sale through Buying through here will guarantee your hardcover copy in the first print run (and it signed if that’s what you are after!). On the website is also a range of other pre-sale opportunities including speaking gigs, book clubs and my personal preference – the BOGO – Buy One, Give One, where you can gift a book to a legislator or social sector leader of your choice.

Also for every book sold we will reinvest 10% of the sale price into the Emerging Leaders Fund, helping to lift up new voices in the social sector.

What are others saying?

We are excited to roll out some book recommendations from some truly inspirational nonprofit, government and philanthropic leaders in the lead up to our launch. But for now, I wanted to share with you some feedback from one of our beta readers…

“Overall, I found Ryan’s ideas and arguments to sound, thoughtfully presented, and incredibly interesting. The examples he offers, as well as the Future Feature sections (which were, collectively, my favorite part of the manuscript), further illustrate the points he makes while offering a human element that makes the topic feel more personal when necessary and shows how people out there like him care about the future of philanthropy and are actively working toward their goals. This is truly a forward-thinking book, and one that should spur other members of the nonprofit sector to consider and adopt Ryan’s suggestions.”

How can I keep updated before the launch?

You can subscribe to my free newsletter Future Philanthropy which will be a regular collated effort of my musings on the tech, trends & talent that will fuel the next decade of social impact. It will also feature a selection of other ‘sector insider’ opportunities that I have curated including funding opportunities, jobs, conference speaking gigs & scholarships. Subscribe today

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