Pre-Sale Campaign Now Live!

We are excited to announce that we have opened up a small pre-sale campaign for Future Philanthropy on Kickstarter for family, friends and social sector peers.

The book, which will be available through Wise Ink Publishing in Spring of 2021 leans in to philanthropic futurism, identifying the trends, tech & talent that will fuel a new generation of impact.

The book manuscript has been submitted and this campaign is about generating awareness and momentum to bring our future focused philanthropy to a wider audience and ultimately inspire new solutions to tackle the biggest social issues of our time. 

Future Philanthropy is a connect the dots type blueprint to embracing new technologies and approaches and  applying it in ways that can be accelerated today to catalyze the solutions of tomorrow. Philanthropy has a rich and storied history, yet in a rapidly disrupted society it can seem somewhat slow and reactionary to the critical social issues of our time.

Our book is a first of its kind content wise and with your help we can make ‘Future Philanthropy’ the go to guide for leaders in the field wanting to learn more about what trends, tech and talent  they should be thinking about now and through the next decade, helping our social sector to lead with conviction in new and innovative ways.

We introduce new theories and processes in a 101 type format to help spur ideas about what the future for philanthropy could look like in their own work and share pertinent research findings that can inform their strategic planning over the next decade. We also share current innovations that are replicable to readers’ work & communities, understanding that innovation doesn’t have to be new, just new to you.

With a host of well-renowned & emerging sector leaders also contributing to this book, of which we will be announcing over the coming months, it is sure to be a must read for those looking to elevate the impact of their organizations through a future focused lens. 

So check out the campaign page today – we’ve got lots of unique rewards to say thank you and keep you engaged in our work, and look forward to connecting with you all throughout this process. 

So give, share and repeat to help make Future Philanthropy more than just a virtual reality!

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